The Museum
of Flesh and Bone

art by Steve Ryder

It is 1888, and Tom Hall is digging up a corpse.

Since his expulsion from medical school Tom has moved far from his outraged parents and the woman he loves to begin a new life as the Assistant Curator at a medical museum. He loves the work and he is dazzled by the collection of skeletons and jars of human remains. It would be the perfect job, if the Curator didn’t hate him.

Striving to please the Curator, Tom made a desperate decision, and now he finds himself in the graveyard with a shovel in his hands. And after a ferocious murder in the museum, he will find himself first in charge, then in jail, and finally fighting for his very life.

“Tom ducked behind a tree, his heart slamming against his chest. It was nearing midnight.
He had just arrived at the cemetery.

Page One

The Museum of Flesh and Bone is a literary horror book.

I am seeking representation!


Drawings by Steve Ryder